Natural Vitality

Peter Gillham is a clinical nutritionist, chemist, as well as a pioneer in the field of nutritional research. Peter is one of the leading researchers on magnesium. His advanced research over the years has led him through many nutritional discoveries.

This has culminated in the development of a unique product line appropriately named Natural Vitality.

NV Baðsalt með lavender
Natural Vitality, Magnesíum, Húðvörur
NV Calm magnesium cream
Slökun, Natural Vitality, Magnesíum, Húðvörur
Plant - Sourced MINERALS
Natural Vitality, önnur steinefni, vegan bætiefni
Plant-Sourced Minerals
Natural Vitality, önnur steinefni
Kids Calm Multi Vitamin
Natural Vitality, önnur steinefni
NV Osteo Calm 887ml
Natural Vitality, Fjölsteinefnablöndur
NV Organic Life Vitamins 887 ml
Natural Vitality, Fjölvítamín
Natural Calm Magnesium Bath Salt
Slökun, Natural Vitality, Magnesíum, Húðvörur