Enterosgel is a unique digestive aid that works kind of like a sponge when going through the digestive tract. It absorbs pathogens and supports healthy mucous membranes and your microflora. It has a cleansing and detoxifying effect without inhibiting absorbtion of nutrients. Enterosgel is used in the treatment of most digestive complaints and is suitable for adults and children alike.

Enterosgel 90gr
1,998 kr.
Enterosgel, Enterosgel
Enterosgel 225gr
3,756 kr.
Vinsælar vörur, Enterosgel, Enterosgel
Enterosgel 10 bréf
Glútenlaust, Mjólkurlaust, vegan bætiefni, hreinsun, Enterosgel, Enterosgel