Natural Calm with Organic Cherry flavor

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Why Natural Calm Magnesium?

When choosing your supplements, quality is of great importance. Natural calm magnesium is in the citrate form which is highly bioavailable for the body. Supplements are of no use if your body can´t absorb them but if you make sure to opt for quality, efficiency and results will follow.

Magnesium has many important functions in the body. It plays a part in over 300 cellular reactions and is therefore vital for proper function of all body systems. A few examples of magnesiums´ numerous jobs are:

  • Essential for normal nerve & muscle function – esp. relaxation
  • Crucial for energy production and function in every cell
  • Essential for normal heart function and circulation – e.g. to maintain normal blood pressure
  • Crucial for bone health – ensures normal bone mineralisation and maintainance

Why you could be lacking in magnesium

  • Many people dont eat enough magnesium rich foods – esp leafy greens
  • The foods that should contain abundant magnesium often do not after being grown in mineral deficient soil
  • Stress causes the body to use up more magnesium thereby increasing need and stress is everywhere; physical & mental, from pollution & poor diet, alcohol use, difficult life situations etc.

Recommended use:

  • 1-3 tsp daily – start with 1tsp gradually increasins dose according to need
  • Put the powder in a cup, pour a small amount of boiling water over and allow to fizz and dissolve completely
  • Fill up with more hot or cold water and drink
  • Good to take at night before sleep but may be taken at any time of the day

Please note: Magnesium can cause loose bowels in high doses, therefore it is always recommended to start with a small dose, gradually increasing acccording to need and bowel tolerance