Enterosgel 225gr

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Enterosgel is a unique digestive aid that functions like a sponge in the GI tract where it absorbs pathogens and other offenders, supports a healthy gut flora & mucous membranes.

Enterosgel is cleansing without affecting absorbtion of nutrients and is used for most digestive complaints.

Enterosgel is suitable for both adults & children.

What is Enterosgel used for?

Enterosgel is used for most digestive complaints since it has unique abilities to cleanse the digestive tract of offenders without removing anything useful.

In addition to having wide ranging benefits in the digestive tract, Enterosgel is also used to help detox alcohol faster from the body as well as externally for acne & excema.

Enterosgel may:

  • Lessen or prevent symptoms caused by toxins & allergens
  • Help the body stop acute diarrhea
  • Lessen digestive upsets
  • Speed up alcohol detoxification
  • Help maintain and support a healthy gut flora
  • Protect mucous membranes in the GI tract
  • Lessen toxic burden of liver & kidneys

How does Enterosgel work

Enterosgel functions kind of like a sponge, absorbing harmful molecules in the GI tract. After you ingest the gel it travels through the GI tract, only absorbing medium- and heavy molecule weight harmful substances along the way. These may be various toxins, pathogens, allergens & viruses. After absorbing any offenders, Enterosgel carries them out with your normal bowel movements within 12-24 hours. Enterosgel does not remove water, vitamins, minerals, beneficial bacteria or other useful substances from the GI tract. Enterosgel will not inhibit or override normal bowel movements or function and is therefore non-addictive.

Polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate (methylsilicic acid hydrogel) 70%, hreinsað vatn 30%.

How to use Enterosgel:

It is recommended to start taking Enterosgel at the first signs of digestive problems.

Enterosgel should ideally be taken 1-2 hours before or after a meal. Wash down with enough water or mix with about 1/2 glass of water and drink.


  • 15g (1 sachet or 1 tbs) 3x daily (45g/day)


  • Over 5 years: 10-15g (2-3tsp) 3x daily (30-45g/day)
  • 1-5 years: 5-10g (1-2tsp) 3x daily (15-30g/day)
  • Under 1 years: 1,7g (1/3 tsp) before feeding, up to 6x daily (max 10g/day). May be mixed with breast milk, formula, water, juice or puree in the proportion 1 part gel/4 parts liquid/food.